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Agriculture and rural development

Sustainable agriculture in the EU

Agriculture occupies a unique position at the heart of the European Union’s society, environment and economy.

With this in mind, the common agricultural policy (CAP) combines social, economic, and environmental approaches on the path towards achieving a sustainable system of agriculture in the EU.

Une PAC socialement durable

La PAC soutient les communautés rurales et aide l'agriculture et la sylviculture à remplir leur rôle essentiel dans la société au sens large.

Durabilité environnementale

L'objectif de la PAC est de lutter contre le changement climatique, de protéger les ressources naturelles et de renforcer la biodiversité dans l’UE.

Durabilité économique

Agriculture and forestry can provide sustainable economic rewards for farmers, forest managers, and the EU as a whole.

Research and innovation

Learn about EU research projects and actions to promote innovation in agriculture and rural areas, as well as funding opportunities.


EU support for forestry through rural development funds, the forest strategy for 2030, and innovation in forestry.

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