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Agriculture and rural development

Gruppi di dialogo civile sull'agricoltura

La Commissione europea intrattiene dialoghi periodici sulla politica agricola comune e sulla sua attuazione.


Civil Dialogue Groups (CDGs) are Commission expert groups specific to the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development. They provide a single legal and procedural framework for consultation of non-governmental stakeholders. The CDGs assist the European Commission in the preparation of policy initiatives, providing advice in relation to their thematic areas of competence when specific expertise is required. In addition, CDGs bring about an exchange of experiences and best practices, including dissemination of information among their members, and allow them to monitor the policy developments in the area of their activities.

The Commission opened a call for applications to designate the new members for the CDGs for the 2023-27 period. The deadline to apply, initially set on 29 November 2022, was extended to 6 January 2023. Based on the application procedure and as laid out by Commission Decision (EU) 2022/1368 of 3 August 2022, the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development appointed the selected members for the 7 new CDGs.

More information on the call for application

Register of Commission Expert Groups

Civil Dialogue Groups

As per Commission Decision (EU) 2022/1368 of 3 August 2022 and repealing Decision 2013/767/EU, the Commission set up the following 7 thematic civil dialogue groups in matters covered by the common agricultural policy (CAP). 

CAP Strategic Plans and horizontal matters

All matters relating to the CAP, including implementation of CAP Strategic Plans in EU countries and long term policy developments.

Meetings and documents

Agricultural markets

Economic and policy developments in relation to markets of different plant product sectors.

Meetings and documents

Animal production

Economic and policy developments in relation to animal products sectors.

Meetings and documents

International aspects of agriculture

All matters related to the international dimension of the CAP.

Meetings and documents

Organic farming

Organic production, including its implementation and new measures the Commission and policy development and policy perspectives of the organic sector.

Meetings and documents

Quality and promotion

Geographical indications, traditional specialties guaranteed, optional quality terms for agricultural products, as well as the promotion of EU agricultural products.

Meetings and documents

Environment and climate change

Environmental and climate aspects of the CAP, from specific support instruments to overall green architecture.

Meetings and documents

Provisional calendar of CDG meetings

28 FEBBRAIO 2023
Provisional calendar CDG meetings – 2023
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The Commission will publish all relevant documents such as agendas, minutes, conclusions, partial conclusions or working documents on the activities carried out by the civil dialogue groups dealing with matters covered by the CAP.

Exceptions to systematic publication will be made where disclosure of a document would undermine the protection of a public or private interest as defined in article 4 of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001 regarding public access to European Parliament, Council and Commission documents.

19 GENNAIO 2022
Expert group meetings privacy statement
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  1. February/March 2023

    The Commission appointed the new CDG member organisations

  2. October 2022

    The Commission published a call for applications to designate the new members for the CDGs 2023-27

  3. August 2022

    The Commission adopted a new legal framework for CDG applicable as from 2023

  4. July 2021

    The Commission decided to temporarily extend the current CDG organisation

  5. July 2014

    The Commission decided – based on calls for applications – on the composition of the civil dialogue groups.

  6. December 2013

    The Commission set up a framework for social dialogue.

  7. 1962

    A dialogue framework with representative associations and civil society dealing with matters covered by the CAP was established.

    With a view to increase transparency and provide for a better balancing of represented interests it became necessary to review the existing dialogue in the advisory groups and to provide for a new framework of a civil dialogue in the field of agriculture and rural development, including the international aspects, and to define their tasks and structure.

Legal bases

Commission Decision (EU) 2022/1368 of 3 August 2022 setting up Civil Dialogue Groups in matters covered by the common agricultural policy and repealing Decision 2013/767/EU

The Commission’s horizontal rules on expert groups: