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Agriculture and rural development
Agriculture and rural development

Supporting EU farmers, food security, the environment and rural areas

Common agricultural policy (CAP)

The CAP is a partnership between agriculture and society, and between Europe and its farmers.

The CAP supports EU farmers, protects food security, fights against climate change and helps rural areas to thrive.

Faced with an ageing farming population, the EU is stepping up its efforts to encourage young people to take up farming.

The CAP supports the vibrancy and economic viability of rural areas through funding and actions that support rural development.

The EU is combining social, environmental and economic approaches to create a more sustainable system of agriculture.
Information on organic farming, geographical indications and quality schemes, animal and plant products, and more.
The EU works with partners around the world to facilitate agricultural trade and protect global food security.
Agri-food data portal

In-depth information on agricultural markets, economics and trade at national and EU level, as well as data relating to the CAP.

Key figures

Market observatories were established to cope better with market volatility and to read market signals.

Short and medium-term market outlooks for agricultural commodities and food.

Summaries of price data for agricultural products and consumer foods at both EU and global level.

Data on the production and yields of various agricultural commodities and products in the EU.

Information on the EU’s agri-food trading relationships with partners around the world.

Featured topics

Short-term outlook

The short-term outlook report presents the latest trends and prospects for different agri-food sectors.

The Food for Europe podcast

European podcast series featuring interviews with key players in EU agricultural policy on how to make food systems fairer, healthier and greener.
Funding and tenders

Funding opportunities and tendering processes for EU projects and initiatives.

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Consultations for EU initiatives in agriculture and rural development.  

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