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Agriculture and rural development

Trade and international policy analysis

Information on the statistics collected, trade and policy analyses, agri-food monitoring reports and studies used to ensure delivery of CAP objectives.


The international dimension is part and parcel of the common agricultural policy (CAP), as maintaining a healthy balance of imports and exports is key to safeguarding internal market stability.

In order to ensure the delivery of the CAP objectives, the European Commission collects statistics and produces analyses of agricultural trade and international agri-food policy developments.

Monitoring EU agri-food trade

The monthly agri-food trade report provides the most up-to-date information on imports and exports of EU agri-food products. The series highlights the latest statistics relating to trading relationships and product categories, identifying notable developments and emerging trends.

Latest edition

Monitoring EU agri-food trade March 2024
General publications25 June 2024
Monitoring EU agri-food trade

The latest monthly agri-food trade report shows imports and exports of EU agri-food products in March 2024.

Previous monthly editions

Annual EU trade with third countries

23 MAY 2024
Agri-food trade statistical factsheet – Extra EU 27

Monitoring agri-trade policy

Monitoring agri-trade policy (MAP) is an annual publication that provides in-depth analysis of the dominant issues concerning agri-food policy and agricultural trade in general. The series contains a detailed overview of the international agri-food trade environment, with a focus on key products and partners.

This report evaluates the EU's agri-food trade diversification from 2012-2022. It assesses the EU's dependency for its agri-food supply chains and highlights the reciprocal dependency between the EU and its major trade partners in agri-food trade, thereby preventing supply chain risks and ensuring resilience.

11 OCTOBER 2023
Monitoring agri-trade policy: Thematic analysis – Diversification of EU agri-food trade

Previous editions


The European Commission and its partners regularly undertake studies to assess the impact of international trade agreements on agriculture. For each trade agreement, the Commission runs impact assessments before the launch of negotiations and sustainability impact assessments during their conduct. The Commission also undertakes cumulative impact studies to analyse the combined impact of the various agreements that are in the process of being signed or negotiated.


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