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Legal basis for the EU instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPARD)

Legal basis and IPARD rules

The following regulations govern how the IPARD works:

In addition, pre-accession assistance is required to conform to the general provisions for managing the EU budget:

The specific provisions for implementation of the IPA are contained in the framework agreements concluded between the European Commission and beneficiaries. Furthermore, detailed rules for the IPARD are included in the sectoral agreement signed between the Commission and the IPARD II countries.

The specific IPARD programmes for each country are drafted by the national authorities and approved by the Commission. The current versions of IPARD programmes are available at the national IPARD websites.

Finally, detailed transparent rules and procedures for the national IPARD institutions are approved by the Commission for each measure before it starts via the financing agreements between the European Commission and the IPARD II countries.

The Commission has already made a proposal for the IPA for the period 2021-28.


29 EANÁIR 2019
Sectoral agreement between the government of IPA II countries and the European Commission
(1.22 MB - PDF)