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Agriculture and rural development

Data and analysis

Up to date information on agricultural markets, the allocation of funding, and the economy of farms and rural areas.

market data


Monitoring the price situation and the market outlook for agricultural commodities and food.
seedlings growing in soil with an arrow marking growth development


Figures on the CAP budget and expenditure from the European agricultural guarantee fund (EAGF) and European agricultural fund for rural development (EAFRD).
Agri-food data portal

In-depth information on agricultural markets, economics and trade at national and EU level, as well as data relating to the CAP.

European Market Observatories

Market outlooks

Related links

Agriculture by country

Information on the CAP in each EU country, EU country factsheets, and rural development factsheets.


  • Comhdhálacha agus cruinnithe mullaigh

EU Agri-Food Days

  • Dé Máirt, 5 Nollaig 2023, 09.30 - Dé hAoine, 8 Nollaig 2023, 15.30 (CET)