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Agriculture and rural development

CAP Strategic Plans

The CAP 2023-27 follows a performance- and results-based approach built around ten objectives, which frame the EU countries’ CAP Strategic Plans. These combine targeted interventions addressing specific needs and delivering on EU-level objectives.

At a glance

The common agricultural policy (CAP) 2023-27 entered into force on 1 January 2023. This marked the beginning of the implementation of the 28 approved CAP Strategic Plans in 27 EU countries (EU members have one Strategic Plan each, except Belgium, which has one for Flanders and one for Wallonia).

In November 2023, the European Commission published an assessment of CAP Strategic Plans delivery on CAP objectives. The report relies on the information contained in the CAP national plans as well as on qualitative appraisals of the potential effects of the choices made by EU countries. This preliminary assessment summarises the combined contributions of the interventions planned by EU countries to address the CAP specific objectives and the six EU-wide Green Deal targets on:

  • Fairer income for farmers and keeping rural areas vibrant;
  • Environment and climate action;
  • Social sustainability and societal expectations such as animal welfare.

The report also acknowledges areas for which the Plans collectively could have showed higher level of ambition or pursued more optimal approaches.


23 NOVEMBER 2023
Report from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council: "Summary of CAP Strategic Plans for 2023-27: joint effort and collective ambition"


The Commission’s assessment draws on the studies carried out by an external body:

The assessment also builds on the Commission’s overview of the approved CSPs: 

Additional information is available in a presentation on the mapping and analysis of CAP Strategic Plans and a factsheet (PDF).

CAP Strategic Plans by country

The links guide you to: 

  • the overview of the CAP Strategic Plan approved by the European Commission for each EU country, 
  • the documents relating to the formal approval process,
  • the annual performance reports (APRs).

With APRs, the European Commission monitors the performance, spending, outputs, and results achieved by EU countries thanks to their CAP Strategic Plans. EU countries are required to submit their APRs by 15 February of each year covering the results of the previous year.

CSP overview facts and figures
General publications26 June 2023
Approved 28 CAP Strategic Plans (2023-27)

This document provides a detailed overview of the 27 EU members’ key elements and choices in their approved national plans. It also responds to requests for information to summarise what plans contain and aim to deliver.


Role of CAP Strategic Plans

EU countries implement the CAP 2023-27 with a CAP Strategic Plan at national level. Each Plan combines a wide range of targeted interventions addressing the specific needs of that EU country and deliver tangible results in relation to EU-level objectives, while contributing to the ambitions of the European Green Deal.

During the approval process, the Commission assessed whether the EU countries’ CAP Strategic Plans contribute to, and are consistent with, EU legislation and commitments in relation to climate and the environment, including those laid out in the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies.

The Commission supported EU countries throughout the preparation of their CAP Strategic Plan so that:

  • EU countries take full advantage of the CAP 2023-27 and its instruments to support their farmers in the transition towards increased sustainability in our food systems.
  • Each CAP Strategic Plan includes an intervention strategy explaining how each EU country will use CAP instruments to achieve the CAP objectives, in keeping with the Green Deal ambitions.

Related information

Analysis of policy objectives


  1. 1 January 2023

    Entry into force of the common agricultural policy 2023-27 with the beginning of the implementation of the CAP Strategic Plans in the 27 EU countries.

  2. 14 December 2022

    Approval of all 28 Strategic Plans (one for each EU country and two for Belgium) by the Commission marking the start of the new Common Agricultural Policy, scheduled on 1 January 2023.

  3. By 31 May 2022

    The Commission completed sending observation letters relating to all 28 draft CAP Strategic Plans that were submitted by EU countries. 

  4. 31 December 2022

    Deadline for the 27 EU members to submit their CAP Strategic Plans.

  5. By 31 December 2020

    The Commission provided each EU country with tailor-made recommendations relating to its strategic plan for the common agricultural policy.

Legal basis

The approval process was based on the criteria laid down in Regulation (EU) 2021/2115 establishing rules on support for strategic plans to be drawn up by EU countries under the common agricultural policy (CAP Strategic Plans).


23 NOVEMBER 2023
Factsheet: CAP Strategic Plans 2023-27
19 APRIL 2023
Overview of EU countries' CAP Strategic Plans interventions
14 DECEMBER 2022
CAP 2023-27 – 28 CAP Strategic Plans at a glance
19 JULY 2022
Proposed CAP strategic plans – key facts and figures
1 APRIL 2022
Proposed CAP strategic plans - summary overview
18 DECEMBER 2020
Commission recommendations to Member States as regards their strategic plan for the CAP
18 DECEMBER 2020
Annex: Commission recommendations to Member States as regards their strategic plan for the CAP
17 DECEMBER 2020
Staff working document – Analysis of links between CAP reform and green deal
7 MAY 2020
How the CAP 2023-27 will contribute to the European Green Deal