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Fertilisers market observatory


The Fertilisers Market Observatory is a forum in the shape of a Commission expert group responsible for the identification, collection, exchange, and dissemination of fertiliser markets data as well as short-term analyses on prices, trade, and production. The group will provide the Commission with advice and expertise regarding the economic and other relevant factors affecting fertiliser markets developments and will assist the Commission in fostering market transparency, whereas more transparency is likely to generate a better functioning of the supply chain, with easier production and investment decisions by farmers and fertilisers producers to ensure the availability and affordability of fertilisers.

Dashboards and reports display statistical data and the evolution of fertiliser prices, trade, and production on the European market over time.

Market data

Fertiliser prices

Fertiliser production

Fertiliser trade


The fertilisers market observatory expert group meets at least twice a year. A summary report is published after each meeting.


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