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Agriculture and rural development

Short-term outlook

Based on the latest data and the reflections of market experts within the European Commission, the short-term outlook is published twice year (in spring and in autumn).

Spring 2024 edition

The spring 2024 edition of the short-term outlook remains characterised by uncertainties, notably due to the evolution of geopolitical crises in Ukraine and the Middle East. These can impact trade, prices, and the overall economy, with continued pressure on farmers. 

There have been some favourable but limited developments in input costs, many of which still stay above pre-COVID levels. Some EU producer prices continue declining at a faster rate than input costs, and this could further impact the profitability of certain farms.

High consumer food prices, combined with reduced prospects for economic growth, will continue to negatively impact EU consumption trends in 2024. This may lead to potential shifts across food product categories or within them. At the same time, some EU exports have recovered.

The weather conditions are rather mixed – less favourable for winter crops while overall more positive for spring sowing conditions. However, some delays have been reported due to wet conditions. 

These issues form the basis for the spring 2024 edition of the short-term outlook report. Market outlooks are provided for the EU-27. In addition to the short-term outlook, the Commission also publishes a statistical annex. The longer time series of EU balance sheets are available in the Agri-food data portal.

3 MAY 2024
Report: EU agricultural markets short-term outlook – spring 2024


EU balance sheets are available in Agri-food data portal, both in the form of tables and graphs. In addition, selected data for Member States are available and visualised in dataM.

3 MAY 2024
Short-term outlook report – EU statistical annex



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