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Agriculture and rural development

Environmental and climatic sustainability

The reports and findings of evaluations and external studies relating to sustainability, listed by year.


Study on CAP Measures and Instruments Promoting Animal Welfare and Reduction of Antimicrobials Use

Synthesis of the public consultation on the Action Plan for the Development of Organic Production

Impact of the CAP on biodiversity, soil and water (natural resources)

Evaluation of the CAP on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions



Impact of the CAP on sustainable management of the soil


Impact of the CAP on habitats, landscapes, biodiversity

Impact of the CAP on water

Improving crisis prevention and management criteria and strategies in the agricultural sector


Progress in implementing the EU forest strategy


Forestry measures under rural development

Payments for agricultural practices beneficial for the climate and the environment


GHG mitigation policy and EU agriculture (EcAMPA 2)



GHG mitigation policy options for EU agriculture (EcAMPA)


Assessing farmers' costs of compliance with EU legislation in the fields of environment, animal welfare and food safety


Assessing agriculture vulnerabilities for the design of effective measures for adaption to climate change (AVEMAC project)

Impacts of renewable energy on european farmers

EU Forest Action Plan


Addressing biodiversity and habitat preservation through measures applied under the Common Agricultural Policy



Impacts of the EU biofuel target on agricultural markets and land use: a comparative modelling assessment

Livestock sector's contribution to the EU greenhouse gas emissions

CAP measures applied to the pig, meat poultry and eggs sectors(report available in French)

Evaluations on the environmental effects of CAP measures(report available in French)


Set aside measure 2000 to 2006

Environmental impacts of milk quotas


Adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector

High nature value indicators for evaluations

Application of cross compliance as foreseen under regulation 1782/2003

Environmental impacts of CAP measures relating to cotton(report available in French)

Environmental impacts of CAP measures related to arable crops

Environmental impacts of the CAP measures related to the beef and milk sector


Environmental consequences of sheep and goat farming and of the sheep and goat premium system

Analysis of the requirements for soil and biodiversity protection and greenhouse gas mitigation



CAP measures applied to the raw tobacco sector(report available in French)

Agri-environmental measures (report available in French)