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Agriculture and rural development

Price monitoring by sector

Animal products

Milk and dairy products – information on milk and dairy prices per week.


Carcases – information on beef carcase prices per week.

Live animals – information on beef and veal prices for live animals.

World weekly beef prices
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Meat and eggs

Pigmeat – information on pigmeat prices.

Poultry – information on poultry prices per week.

Sheepmeat – information on sheepmeat prices per week.

Eggs – information on eggs prices per week.

Plant products

Cereals – information on cereals prices.

Oilseeds – information on oilseeds prices per week.

Wine – information on wine prices.

Rice – information on rice prices per week.

Sugar – information on sugar prices per month.

Olive oil – detailed information on the olive oil market situation, price developments, balance sheets, production and trade.

Citrus prices

Information on citrus fruit prices.

EU citrus market – prices for fresh citrus fruit products
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Information on banana prices.

Bananas – wholesale prices
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