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Agriculture and rural development
News article23 April 2021Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development1 min read

Commission adopts new rules for CAP fruit and vegetable support scheme

The Commission adopted new rules to simplify the common agricultural policy (CAP)’s fruit and vegetable support scheme, and in particular, rules related to activities and programmes of producer organisations in the fruit and vegetable sector. This simplification paves the way to the new CAP, which will apply from 2023. Member States will now be able to extend their national strategies for the fruit and vegetable sector to ensure a smooth transition between the current and new rules once the new CAP enters into force.

In addition, the new rules include, among others:

  • Extension of the outsourcing possibilities for producer organisations in the fruit and vegetable sector;
  • The calculation method to establish the value of mushrooms intended for processing is extended to different types of mushrooms to reflect the reality of production;
  • Extension of the use of standard flat rates or lump sums to all costs supported under operational programmes for the fruit and vegetable sector, except for crisis measures;
  • Simplification of the rules regarding market withdrawal of fruit and vegetables for free distribution;
  • Introduction of a maximum amount of support for market withdrawals for processing;
  • Simplification of the rules related to crisis prevention and management measures (e.g. harvest insurance, coaching), to encourage a greater uptake by producer organisations in the fruit and vegetable sector.


The EU actively supports the fruit and vegetables sector through its market-management scheme with four broad goals:

  • a more competitive and market-oriented sector thanks to producer organisations;
  • fewer crisis-related fluctuations in producers' income;
  • greater consumption of fruit and vegetables in the EU;
  • increased use of eco-friendly cultivation and production techniques.

The scheme promotes product quality by applying marketing standards and supporting operational measures.

EU fruits and vegetables scheme

EU fruit and vegetables market observatory