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Agriculture and rural development

Slovenia – CAP Strategic Plan

Flag of Slovenia

An overview of Slovenia’ formally approved strategy to implement the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) nationally, as well as information on the process and related documents.


Rural areas
Slovenia is 73% covered by rural areas, while 27% of the land falls into the category of intermediate regions
1.2 million people
Rural population
Rural areas are inhabited by 58% of the total population, which is about 1.2 million people
70 000
There are about 70 000 farms in Slovenia, with an average size of 6.9 hectares

Goal and strategy

The key objective of Slovenia’s strategy is to ensure food security and sustainable food production throughout the country. To reach this objective, Slovenia will implement a wide range of interventions to improve the competitiveness and resilience of farms, while at the same time addressing the environmental and climate challenges ahead. It will seek the coherent development of rural areas and strive to create vibrant rural communities.

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Factsheet13 November 2023
At a glance: Slovenia's CAP Strategic Plan

Overview of key elements and choices defined by Slovenia in its approved CAP Strategic Plan for the implementation of the CAP 2023-27.

  • Na kratko: Slovenski Strateški načrt SKP

    Pregled ključnih elementov in izbir, ki jih je Slovenija opredelila v svojem odobrenem strateškem načrtu SKP za izvajanje SKP za obdobje 2023–2027.

    (2.76 MB - PDF)

Slovenia’s CAP Strategic Plan 2023-27

The completeness of the information provided in the links is solely the responsibility of the competent national authorities.

Slovenia's CAP Strategic Plan on the national website

Slovenia’s 2023 annual performance report on the national website 

The annual performance report (APR) presents: spending, outputs, and results achieved through the CAP Strategic Plan (CSP). 

The APRs cover a qualitative and a quantitative overview of the CSPs’ implementation, providing an outline of the expenditures and performance achieved.


  1. 29 September 2023
  2. 20 July 2023
  3. 28 October 2022

    The Commission approved Slovenia’s CAP Strategic Plan.

  4. 29 September 2022

    Slovenia submitted a revised proposal, addressing the Commission’s observations on the first draft.

  5. 22 April 2022

    Slovenia’s comments on Commission observation letter.

  6. 31 March 2022

    Commission sent an observation letter on Slovenia’s CAP Strategic Plan.

  7. 23 December 2021

    Slovenia submitted its first proposal for a CAP Strategic Plan.

  8. 18 December 2020

    Commission issued a Staff Working Document containing recommendations for Slovenia’s CAP Strategic Plan.

Legal basis

Regulation (EU) 2021/2115 establishing rules on support for strategic plans to be drawn up by EU countries under the common agricultural policy (CAP Strategic Plans).


Specific requests to review the CAP Strategic Plan

20 JULY 2023
Art. 120 letters – Assessment of the impact on the CSP of changes to Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry, and the Effort Sharing Regulations

Implementing decision

Slovenia's CAP Strategic Plan – implementing decision
Slovenia's CAP Strategic Plan – annex to the implementing decision

Observation letters

28 APRIL 2022
Commission observation letter on Slovenia's CAP strategic plan
28 APRIL 2022
Slovenia's comments on Commission observation letter (offical reply)
28 APRIL 2022
Slovenia's comments on Commission observation letter (translation)

Staff Working Documents

Commission Staff Working Document SWD2020 (394) – Slovenia

30 MARCH 2021
Delovni dokument služb Komisije SWD2020 (394) - Slovenija