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November 2019 sees continued growth in agri-food trade exports

The EU once again recorded an increase in the monthly export value of agri-food products in November 2019. The value of exports rose by 7.3% from November 2018, hitting €13.43 billion. The value of imports, however, decreased to €9.78 billion (a fall of 5.7% from last year). As a result of these developments, there was an increase of €3.65 billion in the monthly agri-food trade surplus, which comes as one of the main findings of the monthly trade report for November 2019, published today by the European Commission.

The biggest growth in export values occurred in relation to China (an increase of €761 million), Turkey (a rise of €129 million), and Egypt (up by €73 million). However, the value of EU agri-food exports declined in the USA (a fall of €185 million), Hong Kong (down by €79 million) and Libya (a drop of €37 million).

There were increases in the value of agri-food imports from Canada (up by €104 million), Turkey (rising by €55 million), and Morocco (a rise of €37 million), while the value of imports fell from the USA (a drop of €296 million), Indonesia (a fall €67 million), and Argentina (down €63 million).

The export values of a number of products rose, such as pigmeat (up by €375 million), wheat (an increase of €171 million), and offal (a rise of €64 million). There were, however, falls in the export values of spirits and liqueurs (a decline of €43 million), wine and vermouth (down by €30 million), and olive oil (a fall of €19 million).

In terms of import values, the highest rises were recorded for tropical fruit (a growth of €108 million), fresh and dried fruit (excluding tropical fruit) (up by €58 million), and oilseeds (other than soyabeans) (up €57 million). At the same time, import values declined for palm oil (a decrease of €201 million), cereals other than wheat and rice (down €85 million), and oilcakes (a drop of €70 million).

EU28: Export to Extra-EU of Agri-food products in million euro
Source: Eurostat, Comext

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Monitoring EU agri-food trade: development until November 2019
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4 helmikuu 2020
Maatalouden ja maaseudun kehittämisen pääosasto