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Agriculture and rural development
News article8 May 2020Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development1 min read

European Commission seeks feedback on promotion policy for agri-food products

The European Commission today launched a public consultation on the European Union’s promotion policy for agricultural and food products. Part of an overall evaluation of the current policy, the consultation aims to gather feedback from citizens and stakeholders on the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of the current measures, as well as their coherence with EU action in other areas and the added value of this kind of policy being implemented at the EU level.

Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Janusz Wojciechowski said:

European agricultural and food products are well known for their top safety and quality levels. Our promotion policy contributes to keeping this good reputation and supporting competitiveness of our products at the global level. But it is important to make sure that we do it in a most efficient and cost-effective way, while contributing to sustainable production and consumption. The opinion of EU stakeholders is therefore of much value for us and I look forward to their assessment and improvement ideas.

Stakeholders such as European producers’ organisations representing various sectors, traders’ organisations, national authorities, as well as the wider public will now have 18 weeks to contribute their views. The public consultation will then be complemented by a study conducted by an external contractor and based on available data related to evolution of the markets and public awareness of EU quality and organic products and schemes.


The objective of the EU’s promotion policy for agricultural and food product is to boost competitiveness and consumption of EU products in and outside the EU. Promotion measures contribute to raising consumer awareness of the merits of the EU’s agricultural products and production methods, as well as the awareness and recognition of EU quality and organic farming schemes.

The EU promotion policy for agri-food products policy has been in place in its existing form since 2014. Main activities include participation in trade fairs in and outside the EU, high-level missions with participation of EU producers, and communication campaigns. The allocated budget has been increasing on an annual basis reaching €200.9 million for 2020.

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