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News article14 January 2020Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development2 min read

€200.9 million to promote EU agri-food products in 2020

Today, the European Commission launched the calls for proposals for European agri-food promotion programmes, in the EU and abroad.

For 2020, a total budget of €200.9 million is allocated to the promotion of EU agri-food products at home and abroad. Out of the total budget, €181.4 million is dedicated to the co-financing of promotion programmes that will be selected among the proposals following the calls published today.

€118.4 million is allocated to promotion programmes in countries outside the EU. This includes those with high growth potential such as Korea, Japan, Mexico, USA and China. The selected programmes are expected to boost competitiveness and consumption of EU agri-food products across the globe.

Programmes should also inform EU and global consumers of the various EU quality schemes such as geographical indications or organic products. They can also promote the EU’s high safety and quality standards as well as the diversity and authenticity of European products.

Inside the EU, €8 million is earmarked for fresh fruit and vegetables, aiming at increasing their consumption within the context of a balanced and healthy diet.

Who can apply?

A wide range of organisations, such as trade organisations, producer organisations and agri-food bodies responsible for promotion activities are eligible to apply for funding through the calls for proposals launched today.

Proposals should be submitted by 15 April 2020 via the dedicated portal. The Commission will assess the proposals and announce the beneficiaries in the autumn.

CHAFEA, the EU's Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency, provides a number of tools to help applicants to successfully submit their proposals. More information will be available during a series of 'info days' that will take part across the EU. The European info day will be held in Brussels on 30 January 2020, open to all potential beneficiaries, advertising agencies, and national authorities.


EU promotion policy for agri-food products aims to help the sector take advantage of the expanding and increasingly dynamic global agri-food market, raise awareness on quality schemes including organic produce and help producers should they face market disturbances.

There are two types of promotion programmes: so-called ‘simple' programmes can be submitted by one or more organisations from the same EU country. ‘Multi' programmes can be submitted by at least two national organisations from at least two member states, or by one or more European organisations. The ensuing campaigns usually roll over three years.

Included in the total budget, €10 million is kept aside (€5 million for simple programmes and €5 million for multi programmes) in case of serious market disturbance. This would be used through a separate call for proposal.

An additional €9.5 million is set aside for the Commission's own initiatives. Those include participation in fairs and communication campaigns, as well as diplomatic offensives led by the agriculture and rural development European Commissioner and accompanied by a business delegation.

More information

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Publication date
14 January 2020
Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development