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News article17 March 2020Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development

Commission offers to all Member States possibility to extend CAP payments application deadline

Following an initial request from the Italian authorities facing an unprecedented crisis in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak and the overall difficult situation faced by the European Union, the European Commission has decided to allow Member States to offer an extension of one month for the deadline for farmers to submit their applications for direct payments and certain payments under rural development. The extension will be possible for all eligible farmers in all Member States. It is however up to the Member States to decide whether to use the extension.

In order to extend the deadline by one month, the Commission is currently preparing the legal steps to be taken to allow a derogation from current rules.

The new deadline for applications will now be 15 June 2020, instead of 15 May, allowing more flexibility for farmers to fill in their applications in these difficult and unparalleled times.

Every year, European farmers file their applications to receive CAP income support. National authorities then process the applications and ensure necessary checks. CAP payments are then distributed at national or regional level, which is reimbursed by the European Commission through the EU’s budget.

The European Commission is working on all fronts to support Member States facing the COVID-19 outbreak.

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