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Agriculture and rural development

Fruit and vegetables sector reports

The European Commission monitors producer organisations in the fruit and vegetables sector by analysing EU expenditure within operational programmes and evaluating producer organisations' activities, based on a common set of indicators and evaluation

Monitoring of producer organisations' activities

The EU’s fruit and vegetables market management scheme promotes product quality by supporting operational measures such as investments and research. Through measures aimed at improving the planning of production and boosting the commercial value of produce, producer organisations contribute to a more competitive and market-oriented sector. Operational programmes also help farmers switch to more environment-friendly cultivation and production techniques.

EU countries provide the Commission with yearly statistical data related to fruit and vegetables producer organisations (POs), associations of POs (APOs), transnational POs (TPOs) and transnational association of POs (TAPOs). The annual reports containing this data include the number of organisations and their production and expenditure under operational programmes co-financed by the European Union.

Producer organisations annual reports

There were 1 573 POs and 31 TPOs in the EU-27 in 2020. The following graph displays the evolution of the total number of POs and TPOs from 2010 to 2020 in EU countries:

Value of marketed production annual reports

Value of marketed production of TPOs and POs represented respectively 11% and 89% in 2020 (EU-27). The following graph displays the evolution in millions of euro of the value of marketed production (POs and TPOs) from 2010 to 2020 in EU countries:

Operational programmes annual reports

The EU fruit and vegetables regime supports POs for implementing operational programmes with funding contributions. The following diagram indicates the share of operational programmes per objective:


2020 Annual reports – fruit and vegetables operational programmes
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Expenditure under operational programmes
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Explanatory note on the annual reports data
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