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EU countries produce around 400,000 tons garlic per year, compared to roughly 28 million tons worldwide (FAO data). With a total produce of more than 273,000 tons (in 2018), Spain is Europe's biggest producer, followed by Italy (29,980 tons in 2017) and Romania (28,770 tons in 2018).

Imports of garlic into the EU are subject to import licences and certificates of origin. EU implementing regulation 341/2007 and EU implementing regulation 2016/2243 lay down conditions for the administration of tariff quotas and introducing a system of import licences and certificates of origin for garlic and certain other agricultural products imported from non-EU countries. The EU imports garlic mainly from China and Argentina.


10 DIĊEMBRU 2019
Allocation coefficients for import tarriff rate quotas – garlic
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