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Agriculture and rural development

EU-US Collaboration Platform on Agriculture

The collaboration platform on agriculture is a joint initiative between the EU and US which aims to reinforce dialogue and enhance collaboration on agricultural issues.

Topics covered by the CPA

The CPA is a platform for dialogue between the administrations. It is structured around a mutually agreed annual work programme covering three main areas for collaboration.

1. Sustainability and agriculture

Areas of focus will include:

  • ways to enhance or recognise sustainability in various agricultural production systems;
  • sustaining vibrant rural communities;
  • resource management;
  • conserving the environment and fostering biodiversity;
  • research and innovation;
  • other related issues.

2. Climate and agriculture

Areas of focus will include:

  • approaches to improving the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • carbon sequestration;
  • climate adaptation strategies;
  • improving the climate resilience of agricultural production systems;
  • research and innovation;
  • other related issues.

3. Agri-food exchanges

Areas of focus will include:

  • food system resilience;
  • communication;
  • production;
  • food supply chains;
  • other related issues.

Activities envisaged

Both sides will:

  • exchange information on policies and regulations, governance models, and other related issues;
  • organise joint activities such as seminars, workshops, internal meetings, field visits and stakeholder reach outs;
  • promote ties between the agricultural sectors of the US and the EU.

The CPA could engage in the following activities:

  • visits and exchanges to agricultural sites and facilities involving producers, policymakers, regulators, academic institutions, communities, and businesses and civil society;
  • cooperate on sustainable and climate-smart agriculture, consider varying approaches to common goals and promote mutual understanding;
  • facilitate exchanges on programmes that support rural and underserved communities and their sustainable development, including through innovation and applied research; 
  • identify opportunities for collaboration to raise climate and environmental ambition in agriculture and land use through research and innovation;

Events 2022

The following events are scheduled to take place in 2022.

Workshop on measurement, trends, drivers, and sustainability impacts of agricultural productivity growth

This workshop will feature presentations and discussions among USDA and Commission officials about the impact of agricultural productivity growth on social, economic, and environmental objectives. Additionally the workshop participants will examine how the concept is treated and assessed in US and EU approaches to building more sustainable food systems. 

Workshop on soil health

To collaborate and exchange available knowledge on soil health, including sustainable management of soils to promote carbon sequestration and soil biodiversity. Exchange topics could also include targeted research actions, how to foster networking, cooperation and partnerships among users of soil data and information, as well as the development of indicators and assessments aimed at underpinning policy.

Workshop on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in livestock production

To collaborate and exchange available knowledge, experience and research on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in livestock production in the EU and US.  

EU/US stakeholder event

This event will facilitate an exchange of views between stakeholders from the EU and the US on sustainable agriculture and policy outlook in the context of the CPA.