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Agriculture and rural development

Trade by sector

Animal products

Milk and dairy products – information on milk and dairy products related to trade.

Beef – information on beef related to trade.

Pigmeat – information on pigmeat related to trade.

Poultry – information on poultry related to trade.

Sheepmeat – information on sheepmeat related to trade.

Plant products

Cereals – information on cereals related to trade.

Oilseed and protein crops – information on oilseed and protein crops related to trade.

Wine – information on wine related to trade.

Sugar – information on sugar related to trade.

Rice – information on rice related to trade.

Citrus fruit

Information on citrus fruit related to trade.

29 NOVEMBER 2022
EU citrus market – trade in fresh citrus fruit
(3.31 MB - PDF)
29 NOVEMBER 2022
EU citrus market – trade in processed citrus fruit
(1.39 MB - PDF)


29 APRIL 2016
Tariff and statistical nomenclature
(767.99 KB - PDF)

Balance sheets

EU production – balance sheets, area, production and yield by EU country.

Production, trade and apparent use – simplified balance sheet in order to estimate apparent use of meat, crops and dairy products at EU country level.


  • Conferences and summits

EU Agri-Food Days

  • Tuesday 5 December 2023, 09:30 - Friday 8 December 2023, 15:30 (CET)
  • Live streaming available