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Agriculture and rural development

Common agricultural policy

The common agricultural policy (CAP) is about food, the environment and the countryside.

The CAP is a partnership between society and agriculture that ensures a stable supply of food, safeguards farmers’ income, protects the environment and keeps rural areas vibrant.

The European Commission has listened closely to the concerns expressed by farmers and EU countries.

a young farming couple holding a chicken
Overview of the aims, history and current rules of the CAP, and how it supports EU farmers and Europe’s food security.
a person in a white lab coat and blue gloves holding a tablet
The EU promotes food security and sustainable farming by providing income support to farmers.
two men standing in a field inspecting an arable crop and a combine in the background
In order to meet the needs of farmers, foresters, and rural communities, the European Commission ensures that funding for the common agricultural policy is fair, ample, and transparent.

National level CAP Strategic Plans combine a wide range of local and EU-level objectives to deliver targeted, tangible results.

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The CAP takes a social, environmental and economic approach to sustainability.

Data and analysis relating to agricultural markets.


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