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CAP Strategic Plans by country

Information on the delivery and application of the CAP Strategic Plans in each EU country.

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Informačný prehľad14 december 2022
CAP 2023-27 – 28 CAP Strategic Plans at a glance

The Commission reviewed all 28 CAP Strategic Plans and put together a summary of the actions taken by EU countries to meet the specific objectives.  

CAP 2023 - 28 CAP Strategic Plans at a glance
(3.11 MB - PDF)

The following links guide you to:

  • EU countries' websites, where the formally approved CAP Strategic Plans can be found;
  • The overview documents of the approved CAP Strategic Plans, as well as the Implementing Decisions and Annexes.

As soon as the approved CAP Strategic Plans are published on the national websites, the links will appear for each country. The completeness of the information provided in the linked documents is solely the responsibility of the competent national authorities.

CAP Strategic Plans explained

EU countries are implementing the new CAP with CAP Strategic Plans at national level, combining a wide range of local and EU-level objectives to deliver targeted, tangible results.